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Double the fun!

Or choose the Little Cooks Combo to receive both the baking and savoury kits each month - double the learning and double the fun. Perfect for siblings!

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For Children aged 3-8

A perfect introduction to the kitchen! Children love the mixing, stirring and especially licking the spoon!

Older children can follow the recipes more independently and be head of kitchen!

Veggie based

Every recipe is vegetarian and we try to make our recipes suitable for a wide range of dietary needs.

If you have specific dietary needs please email us:


We choose compostable packaging for our ingredients and everything else is recyclable. We also choose organic ingredients which helps to protect our precious soil!

Upcoming Baking kits

These yummy baking kits are dropping through little cook's doors over the coming months!

May's Baking Kit

Cinnamon Swirls

A simple and fun recipe, with plenty of kitchen skills for little cook's to practice! Our May kits are perfect for a Jubilee celebration party - we've included some fun arts and crafts in this month's box to have a celebration tea party at home, and little cook's can proudly serve up these cinnamon swirls as part of it!

june's Baking Kit

Fruity Jam Tarts!

Little cooks will learn how to make homemade jam and delicious pastry tarts. There's lots of fun and learning for little hands in this recipe - mashing, squishing, rolling, mixing - followed by the pride of getting to serve their delicious bake to friends and family!


What's the difference between a Baking Kit and a Cooking Kit?

Our baking kits are the perfect way to introduce children to the kitchen. Simple recipes, no processed ingredients, delicious bakes and plenty of spoon-licking.

Our savoury cooking kits teach children how to make savoury snacks and meals for the whole family! Each kit explores a superhero vegetable and will teach little cooks how to grow, nurture and harvest it - while teaching essential cooking skills for life! 

Both options are the same price but you get to choose which is the right option for your Little Cook.

What do I get in a Little Cooks Combo kit?

With our Little Cooks Co Combo Kit you get double the fun and double the learning! Each month you'll receive both a Savoury Cooking and a Baking kit. Perfect for keen chefs wanting to tackle savoury snacks and meals including a yummy pud! Our combo kit also works brilliantly for siblings!

What makes your cookery kits healthy?

We are passionate about the principles we apply to the ingredients we use in our kits.

Food should be eaten in the most natural state possible and organic is best for health and the planet.

When it comes to sugars, it means that we use naturally occurring sugars such as honey, maple syrup or dates to sweeten the recipes in our baking kits, rather than refined sugars that contain little or no nutritional benefit.

It is also why you will find ingredients like gram flour in our kits which is actually dried chickpeas that have simply been ground into flour – fibre rich and packed with nutrients!

We know that organic isn’t always available or affordable. But it is a value we aren’t prepared to sacrifice in our baking and cooking kits.

What ages are the kits aimed at?

Our kits are designed for children aged 3 – 10 years old. Younger children will require more support and older children will be able to make most recipes independently. You’ll know best what level your little cook is at but we design the recipes to ensure there is something fun for everyone, even the grown-ups! Our savoury cooking kits offer the opportunity to go beyond baking, learning delicious and nutritious snacks and meals they can take into adulthood.

Do I need additional ingredients?

Your Little Cooks Co box contains all the dry ingredients you need to make the recipe. There are always a few fresh or seasonal ingredients required in addition, for example milk, butter/oil, honey or a seasonal vegetable or fruit.

At the beginning of each month you will receive an email letting you know the additional ingredients that are required in that month's box.

If there is something you can’t get hold of, just email us at and we will help you find an alternative ingredient that will make sure the baking fun can continue!