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Fill their days with happy family moments in the kitchen, away from screens and distractions!

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For Children aged 3-11

A perfect introduction to the kitchen! Children love the mixing, stirring and especially licking the spoon! Older children can follow the recipes more independently and be head of kitchen!

Veggie Based Recipes

Every recipe is vegetarian and we try to make our recipes suitable for a wide range of dietary needs. If you have specific dietary needs please email us:

Packed with Nutrition

Food is our fuel and growing bodies need the best quality fuel they can get! All our kits are packed full of nutritionally rich ingredients, designed to teach children about the amazing power of real food and how delicious it is!


We choose compostable packaging for our ingredients and everything else is recyclable. We also choose organic ingredients which helps to protect our precious soil!
Customer reviews
Customer reviews
“My son loves the Little Cook kits, the minute they drop through our letterbox he’s itching to crack them open and get baking. I love that all the ingredients are not only very well thought out but are also great from a nutritional point of view. It also makes cooking with him hassle free as it’s all thought out for me. Highly recommend them!"
Customer reviews
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How do I make sure my box arrives on a specific date?

Our gift plans allow you to select a specific date for shipping the first cooking kit.

If you want the box to arrive for a birthday or another special day, please go to our Gift a Box page, choose the length of plan, and select the shipping date you require.

Please remember that we recommend the shipping date is set as 5-7 days before your desired delivery, just to be safe!

What ages are the kits aimed at?

Our kits are designed for children aged 3 – 10 years old. Younger children will require more support and older children will be able to make most recipes independently. You’ll know best what level your little cook is at but we design the recipes to ensure there is something fun for everyone, even the grown-ups!

Should I include the gift recipient’s email in my order?

We would recommend you provide the gift recipient’s email address so we can send useful information on allergens and ingredients. No contact will be made until the first kit has been delivered – we don’t want to ruin the surprise!

How do I place an order for multiple gifts?

It is so important to us that your gifts arrive with the right gift notes attached.  Because of the way we prepare our gift orders and handwrite every note we ask that each gift order is placed as a single order. This means they are assigned a unique order number and there is no chance of a mix-up.  As postage is free this won’t cost you any more but does make sure we get all the details right!

If you wish to purchase multiple gifts please place the first order and wait for the confirmation email to arrive – there may be a little surprise there for you!

We’ve loved our Gift Subscription, how do we continue?

We’re so glad you’ve loved it! And fear not, we can make sure your journey continues seamlessly so your little cook receives the right badge levels at the right time! You can place an order here for a rolling monthly subsription or for 3, 6, or 12 month plans and once you’ve placed your order, just drop us a line at with your order number and we will do the rest!