We recently foraged for nettles for the first time and turned them into a tart, and it was wonderful! Nettles have the most protein of any green, including broccoli and spinach! Their calcium content is through the roof - 10 times that of spinach. Basically they are a lot more nutrient dense than most things you could buy in the shops, and it grows literally everywhere for free!  Here is a research paper detailing the nutritional values of nettles: Journal of Food Science 

Nettles are also a wild and fun thing to forage with the kids! Spring is the perfect time when the nettles are still quite young and sweet. Grab some good quality gloves and bags to collect the nettles in and make sure you wear trousers! Cut the top half of the nettles off (they are the most tasty) - to collect 200g worth you need to fill a carrier bag.

April 01, 2022


Wendy Arnold said:

Ruth! What a fabulous nettle/wild garlic recipe! Love it. I added wild garlic leaves as well as the 3 cornered stem allium. Probably should have left the flowers off!

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