Whether you are making lunchboxes for your children or for yourself, it can be very easy to get stuck in a rut with sandwiches. So to kick off the New Year we wanted to share our favourite lunch box recipes to help inspire if you are stuck in that rut. Our food philosophy is based on trying to get as much nutrition as possible into every bite we take, and sandwiches are limited in that respect. If you want to find lots more inspiration for kid-friendly meals check out our exciting new cookbook - YOU CAN COOK TASTY FOOD!

Little Cooks Co Cookbook

The recipes in this blog are packed with vegetables and nutrient-dense ingredients and we hope you and your little cook love making and eating them!  

  1. Pizza wheels
  These are a winner with kids and by blitzing up a load of veggies into the tomato sauce you can watch your little cook eat all the vegetables that they normally refuse! We’ve also included a recipe for making your own pastry using just Greek yogurt, a nutrient dense flour of your choice and bicarb of soda. Pizza wheels are sure to be eaten up in lunchboxes…there aren’t many kids who refuse pizza!  
  1. Sweet potato sandwiches
  Use slices of sweet potato rather than bread to make a great alternative to traditional sandwiches. These are packed with vitamin A from the sweet potato and are still lovely and filling.  You can put whatever you want inside them  but we’ve suggested 3 fillings in the recipe which all work really well with the flavor of sweet potato.  
  1. Veggie muffins
  This is a nutrient packed recipe we’ve been using for years. We make a big bowl of the muffin mix and cook 2-3 muffins fresh in the morning when we wake up so they are ready when it’s time to pack the lunchbox.  
  1. Salmon and quinoa burgers
  If your little cook will eat fish then why not include it in their lunchboxes. If they turn up their noses, try to persevere - we have first hand experience of this as one of our little cooks wouldn't eat fish for 5 years but finally does now! These little burgers are delicious as a snack and in lunchboxes, and are packed with omega 3 from the salmon and B vitamins from the quinoa.  
  1. Fritters
  These are so quick to make and you can mix up the recipe by adding your favourite flavours – pea, broad bean and mint is also a great option!  
  1. Bubble and squeak
  This can either be made from scratch or served up for a family meal and the leftovers used in a lunchbox. So much veg and so much taste! A slice of this in a lunch box will be filling, satisfying and give a great supply of energy to help with afternoon learning  
  1. Chicken balls
  A high protein lunch that is great dunked in tomato sauce! We love Dr Will’s Tomato Ketchup or you could always make your own. We love adding spinach to our the recipe to add a bit more nutritional punch to these yummy chicken balls!  
  1. Pesto pasta
  You can’t go wrong with pesto pasta and we’ve created a pesto recipe that can be substituted with your favourite ingredients. On our recipe pages we use Kale but you can use spinach, rocket or even beetroot tops, whatever you have available. Our recipe can also be made nut free so it’s suitable for lunchboxes. There are some great pasta options on the market now too – pea pasta, red lentil pasta, chickpea pasta….it all helps to increase the nutritional content of this fab lunch!  
  1. Sweet potato quiche
  This is such a yummy recipe - make sure you leave enough to have some yourself! Replacing traditional pastry with a sweet potato pastry packs it with nutrition and also gives it a sweetness that is hard for children to resist!  
  1. Veggie nuggets
  Good old nuggets! You can add some dipping sauce to lunchboxes to dunk them in (Greek yogurt whizzed with avocado and mint makes a yummy dipping sauce)     A word on lunchbox choice: we have used a Yumbox portofino size (the others are a little small for us) for years and absolutely love it. The different compartments mean you can include a wide variety of food every day and it also means reduced plastic use. Our lunchbox is kept in a cool place until lunchtime so we haven’t needed to worry about food spoiling, but that’s obviously something to check out when including things like chicken in your lunchbox.
January 03, 2020

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