Little Cooks Co February baking kit is a delicious Pear and Custard Slice. It makes a perfect pudding for the family, or steal a slice and enjoy it with a cup of tea! Pears are often overlooked in favour of apples as the fruit of choice for snacks and lunchboxes but, not only are they sweet, soft and delicious – they also pack a punch in nutrition stakes!

Pears are rich in antioxidants, particularly quercetin which is good for heart health. Pears are also high in fibre which is essential for digestive health. The interesting thing about fibre is that it is often indigestible to us and is used instead to feed the bacteria that live in our guts! These bacteria (known as our microbiome) are critical to our health and the old adage “you are what you eat” applies to those little fellows too! If we feed them lots of fibre from a wide variety of sources then our microbiome thrives; starve it of fibre and the microbiome will reduce in number, which is no good for anyone’s health!

Most of the antioxidants and fibre in pears is contained in the skin which is why we don’t suggest peeling pears in our recipes. That said, if your little cook refuses to eat it with the skin then don’t worry – the flesh still has lots of yummy goodness. Pears are not necessarily to everyone’s taste so if you’d rather use apples then the recipe is just as delicious!  

The Love of Pancakes

Valentines Day and Shrove Tuesday are just around the corner and Little Cooks Co is sharing the love with a super simple healthy pancake recipe in February's box. We like to shape ours into a heart and serve plates full of love for breakfast, but they are just as yummy in any shape or size! Pancakes are traditionally the way that leftovers were used up before Lent, so encourage your little cooks to use their imaginations with their pancake toppings – it’s a great way to help them discover new flavours and how mixing different tastes can create amazing new sensations!  

Fun for February

Some of us are starting to see the first signs of spring, snowdrops and crocus plants are popping up and I can’t wait to get back to my allotment. Here at Little Cooks Co HQ we are passionate about helping little cooks understand where food comes from and its journey to our plates, and there is no better way than to grow your own. Although we are not quite into full seed sowing season, our February kits teach little cooks to take their first steps to growing their own pear tree!  We would love to see photos of any pear tree seedling that take root! Email us at or share them with us on Facebook or Instagram.

For the less green fingered among you, February’s box also includes a special themed wordsearch to get those brain cells firing!!  

A fab new kids snack range

Lastly, our February box includes a fun new collaboration with our friends at Spare Snacks who are launching an exciting new kids range – Scrapples. They are made from 100% wonky fruit that would otherwise be wasted, so the more you snack the less you waste! They are air-dried, never fried, with no added sugar, palm oil, or anything artificial. Each box will include a packet of these yummy snacks and an online survey to fill out if you have any feedback (with a chance to win a Scrapples colouring book and sticker set!) We are talking to other lovely brands who share our values of healthy eating, eco-friendly, screen free fun for kids so will have some other fun gifts for your little cooks in the coming months.  

A little offer...

You may already be receiving our kits but if you’re thinking of setting up a Little Cooks Co plan as a gift or for your own little cook, February is a great month to join our healthy, happy family. With half term coming up Little Cooks Co is a great way to keep them entertained and start their healthy baking journey. Use code peartree10% to receive a 10% discount off your February box. Plus for every box sold we donate the cost of a healthy breakfast to the wonderful charity, Magic Breakfast, who work tirelessly to ensure no school child starts the day too hungry to learn.

January 31, 2020

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