Hurrah, the closure of the ‘School of Mum and Dad’ is finally upon us! This will be welcomed by thousands of parents who have been left feeling frazzled from juggling childcare, home working, home schooling and housework. It’s been reported that mums in particular have been taking the lead on the homeschooling. Mums are notoriously poor at blowing their own trumpets, but if you are a family member looking for inspiring ideas to treat that special mum in your lives look no further!

Prepare a yummy breakfast

A study about insomnia, conducted by Southampton University (1), suggests that sleeplessness among mothers has increased considerably since the start of the pandemic. It’s said to be linked to the burden of taking on home schooling as well as coordinating home working and childcare. This Mother’s Day give mum a treat by channelling their little cooks’ early morning energy into breakfast preparations while mum hits the snooze button. You might like to get ahead and prepare some delicious granola to serve with fruit and yoghurt, or how about our scrummy breakfast pancakes. Just be sure the little cooks leave some for mum!

Organise a scavenger hunt

This time it’s mum’s turn to find the treasure! Her little ones will love hiding clues – get everyone in the family to do a drawing or write a note about how special mum is and hide them around the house. The final clue could lead to the bathroom where some bubble bath and a face pack is waiting as her hidden treasure, ready for a relaxing soak.

Help out in the garden

If mum is green fingered then why not spend some time helping out in the garden. Now is a great time to plant a variety of veggies and little hands will love helping to plant seeds. Growing vegetables is a fantastic way to get children excited about eating them too and it’s fun to watch them grow and think back to the moment you planted them together. Or, for a much quicker win, how about presenting her with a gorgeous pot of pre-planted spring flowers. It’ll cheer up a little corner of the garden straight away and be sure to put a smile on mum’s face.

Offer a home mani/pedi

With spas and beauticians being closed for so long, any pampering will feel like a distant memory. Set up a home spa with some soft music, a vase of fresh flowers and a pile of fluffy towels. A relaxing massage will be mum’s idea of heaven and little hands are surprisingly good if they can resist the urge to tickle! You can even try making up some homemade hand cream for a really special treat! See our special Mother's Day Gift Ideas and Recipes.

Plan a trip out

Mum might be the one who usually plans and organises the days out, but why not give her some time off and arrange a surprise outing. You could go on a family friendly bike ride together. Make her feel extra special by decorating her bike with a few fresh flowers! Or how about a stroll to go and spot some gorgeous spring daffodils or snowdrops? Make a checklist so you don’t forget anything, including wet weather gear, a change bag (for tinies), water bottles and snacks! Be sure to pack mum’s favourite treats and pick a place that you know she loves.

Cook a special meal

If mum does most of the meal planning and cooking, then give her a day off and prepare a special meal. This is a lovely way to show how much you appreciate her. We have designed a quick and easy menu plan for you to in Mother's Day Gift Ideas and Recipes. Just make sure your budding chefs help out with the clean up!

Screen time for mum

Whilst most parents have become really talented at humming along to the Peppa Pig theme tune or doing Harry Potter spells, perhaps it’s time mum had control of the remote for a little while. Let her choose her favourite film and either all snuggle in to watch with her, or better still, entice her little ones to play ‘laundrettes’ and sort out that big pile of washing. You could even arrange a half time interval to bring mum her favourite snacks and refreshments!

And don’t forget…

During these strange times, one of the best moments in any day is a cuddle with the ones you love. So, if the only thing you get round to doing on Mother’s Day is giving mum a big hug and telling her that you love her, you will definitely make her day! (1) Read the full report about Insomnia by the University of Southampton here

March 05, 2021

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