This hasn’t been the start to January that any of us wanted or expected but if we’re going to help our little cooks through these topsy turvy times we need a tool kit to get ourselves through it too! With that in mind we wanted to share a few tips and tricks to help with homeschooling - Little Cooks Co style! We'll add to this as we discover more, and please do let us know in the comments below if you've found any particularly good ideas for helping make the home schooling days a little bit easier!
  • Daily snack boxes. A friend told us about this one and it has been game changing! 'Can I have something to eat' is a pretty unrelenting question from all of our little cooks, and this top tip has (almost) put an end to it! It's also brilliant at shifting the responsibility for their appetite and giving the management of it back to your child, which is an important lesson:
    • Label a container with your little cook's name(s) and agree what snacks they will have in their container each day. If you’re feeling super organised, prepare the snack box the night before and then give it to you child in the morning and be clear that it is the whole day's snacks - once it's gone, it's gone.
    • For snack ideas, have a look at our blog. Quick wins are popcorn, dates with nut butter, fruit, cheese, nuts and pitta bread with humus
  • Daily water target. While they're at home, we might as well make sure they are drinking enough (which it's hard to monitor at school). Children need to drink between 1-1.5 litres of water a day, and getting enough water each day has a whole range of benefits (not least delivering nutrients to the brain and removing toxins)
    • Pop a jug of water on the table and give your child the challenge of drinking it all each day - let your child help themselves (if they are able to) and maybe add some chopped cucumber, strawberries and lemon to it to make it more fun!
  • Have one box for your child's school things. So simple yet so effective! Most children have a tray or locker at their school where they keep their books and stationary, so it's just following the same process but at home. It reduces school things being scattered everywhere and it can be their job to make sure it all gets packed away when 'school' finishes.
  • Meal plan. Never has it been more important to meal plan than now, when we are eating pretty much every meal at home, together! There is nothing worse than getting to the end of the day not knowing what to make for dinner, and then discovering you don't have the right ingredients in when you do decide!
    • Sit with your children and decide what you will be eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day the following week. Let them choose some of the meals (you can flip through the free recipes on our website, or look through cookbooks) and then base your shopping list on what you've decided
    • Ideally pop your meal plan on the wall for everyone to see - setting expectations about what will be served each day helps reduce complaints! We have a A2 meal planner wall chart for £8 on our shop here, or there are lots available on the internet.
  • Get outside every day. This is so important. Children have breaks at school to run around outside, and they need it at home too. It is easy for the stress hormone cortisol to build up while working on a computer (and some days more than others depending on how the day goes!), and we need to move our bodies to release the cortisol
Finally, keep it positive! The language we use, the attitude we take to the world around us (including watching and discussing the news!) impacts our little cooks more than we realise. If you need a little daily reminder of all the good things in life, download our Growth Mindset Chart, pop it on the wall and refer to it whenever you need a pick me up!!
January 09, 2021

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