Hands up if you were struggling to muster the excitement needed for yet another zoom birthday party? We loved them at first and it was great for the children to stay connected, but after nearly 18 months, birthday parties (indoors with more than 6 small people, running wild ) are BACK ON and we are extremely happy to see excited little faces as our children receive eagerly awaited invitations to in-person celebrations! That does mean one thing though – it will soon be our turn to plan games, entertainment and decorations. Whether you’re dancing in delight or feeling dizzy at the thought of hosting, we are here to help you with two very important aspects – the party food and the party bags!

Brand new to our Little Shop are these gorgeous party bag boxes. They will provide your children’s friends with a healthy and memorable take-away from the day and are full of exciting activities that they will love. Each one contains:

  • A yummy banana bread recipe especially for little cooks
  • All the dry, organic ingredients needed to make it
  • Organic basil seeds and a delicious pesto recipe
  • A fun activity booklet
  • A balloon and box of colouring pencils

All of this is comes in eco-friendly packaging and there is space for you to add a name so they can all be personalised. No more cluttered drawers full of plastic party bag toys and sticky sweeties!

Healthy party food for kids

We love parties and we are particularly conscious of kids needing to let their hair down and not worry about packing them full of health and nutrition all of the time. But we also know that it’s possible to create healthy kids' party food that they will enjoy and that will keep them well fuelled to continue partying for longer. Whether you want to create the ultimate healthy party spread, or simply include some nutritionally rich options alongside traditional ones, we’ve selected some of our favourite recipes that would work well on a party table.

Chicken Lollipops

Our children adore these skewered chicken pieces. Maybe it’s the way they’re served but we’re also pretty sure it’s the deliciously crunchy, nutty coating and yummy fresh dip that keeps them coming back for more.

Cauliflower Bites

Children love finger food and these yummy little balls would make a great alternative to shop-bought nuggets. Use plant-based cheese and margarine if you would like to make them dairy-free. A great choice if you’re after some ideas for vegetarian kids' party food.

Beautiful Burgers

These burgers could either be the main event of your party meal or, make mini ones and have them as part of a bigger selection. The added carrot, courgette and apple make them slightly sweet, deliciously moist and mega healthy!

Pizza Wheels

Most traditional party food for children doesn’t tend to include much veg, but these pizza wheels are a great way to get some goodness on your party menu. They’re really versatile and you can pretty much use whichever vegetables you have to whizz up into the sauce. Another tasty vegetarian kids' party food idea.

Chocolate Bliss Balls 

You can’t have a kids' party without chocolate, right? but if you can sneak it in in a low-refined sugar format then everyone wins!  These little balls would be perfect to bring out halfway through the party if the gang is starting to wilt. They will give everyone a burst of energy and the natural sweetness from the dates will have little hands reaching for more. Pro tip: Make enough to be able to set some aside for the adults too! They’ll need a sweet treat and little pick-me-up to cope with all the squealing!

Creamy Mango Lollies

If you have a houseful of hot and sweaty children who need a cooling timeout, these will do the job. Made using just two ingredients you could easily whip these up on the morning of your event if you are a last-minute party prepper! Simply add fresh mango and a can of coconut milk, blend and freeze! They will rehydrate and give your little ones another burst of energy… ready for more disco dancing! A great choice if you would like some vegan kids' party food options. For another fruity lolly idea, simply peel bananas and thread them onto wooden skewers, then dip them in yoghurt and freeze on a baking tray! When served they are just like banana ice cream! Super quick, mega healthy and totally delicious!

Berry Banana Muffins

You might be doing a birthday cake as the main ‘sweet’ event, but if you want to put on a bigger selection of food, or provide a snack partway through the party, these sweet muffins will provide loads of hidden goodness. The quinoa/millet is wholegrain, the flaxseeds are high in omega-3 fats and the dates are rich in fibre. (By the way, they’re dairy, egg, and nut-free)!  

More tips for stress-free, healthy kids parties 

  • Vegetable train – cut peppers in half, line them up and fill with sticks of carrot, pepper, cucumber, and celery (use cucumber rings as wheels). You could even fill some with dips such as hummus or tzatziki.
  • Rainbow fruit skewers - thread different coloured fruit onto wooden skewers or metal straws (just be careful if you have tinies attending)
  • Mocktails – the last thing you want at a kid’s party is for thanger to strike! Keep your gang of little people well hydrated with fruit-infused water or iced tea. Our super Cookbook contains some delicious mocktail recipes.
  • Allergies – ask your guests in advance whether they have any allergies so that you can cater for them or so you know which foods they need to avoid.
  • Relax – if you usually serve traditional party food and the thought of switching to a homemade menu is a bit daunting don’t feel that you have to change everything. Even by adding a few of these healthy options to your offering means you are then including some nutritional value to your kids’ party food, and that is fantastic.
Our July kit contains all the dry ingredients needed to make a delicious Strawberry cream cake that is free from dairy/egg/nuts – fantastic if you would like to do an allergy-friendly bake that is fit for a very special occasion.
July 22, 2021

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