With everything going on its easy to forget that Easter is fast approaching. Many of you have had to cancel family events and celebrations but, although it won’t be the Easter that any of us had planned, it’s still important to mark the occasion, even if its just an excuse to break the monotony of isolation for a day!

We are trying to keep a bit of normality in our little cook’s life and as our Easter always revolves around a big family meal on Easter Sunday, we are planning a smaller special meal with our reduced household – possibly even with a laptop on video link at the head of the table!

Keeping busy is the best distraction for children at this time so we’ve set out a special Easter menu for you that your little cook can help you prepare for all the family to enjoy.

To start: Bruschetta

The wonderful thing about bruschetta is that there is no fixed recipe! The purist Italian bruschetta is drenched in olive oil, garlic, onion, and tomatoes but really anything goes! Cut some slices of crusty bread, get your little cook to sprinkle it with all their faves, drizzle it with olive oil, and pop it under the grill for a few minutes. Serve it on a big platter and watch your little cooks proud face as it's presented at the table.

Main Course: Baked Meatballs with Extra Veg

This is one of our all-time favourite recipes. The fantastic thing about it is it uses up any veg you have lying around in the sauce. There are lots of opportunities for your little cook to get their (freshly washed!) hands involved in making the meatballs and putting all the ingredients together. A really great team effort for a fantastic Easter meal.

Or Vegetarian Main Course: Cheesy Vegetable Pies

For a veggie option, we love these Cheesy vegetable pies, you can either make individual pies or a big version for the whole family to enjoy. Pastry is super easy to make and it doesn’t have to look exact and pretty. Give your little cook the rolling pin and let them find their own way! It's just like playdough! Again you can use whatever vegetables you have, don’t feel constricted by the recipe. For those of you who aren’t dairy-free, add oodles of cheese and watch it ooze out of the pies as the family cuts into it.

Pudding: Banana Bread

It's important to enjoy the whole cooking process with your little cook so try not to get stressed if certain ingredients are hard to come by at the moment. In our banana bread recipe, we specify gram flour (which is made from chickpeas) and cacao nibs because we try to use unprocessed ingredients wherever possible. However, the most important thing is spending time with your little cook and helping them understand that cooking is fun. You can always try other ingredients on the other side of lockdown!

We serve our banana bread with custard or cream because that’s how we like it but it is just as delicious on its own!

We hope you and your families are keeping well. We are finding cooking a fantastic way to entertain our little cook and hope you are too. If you need more recipe inspiration take a look at our recipe pages here.

A huge thank you to all of you who have signed up for our boxes, its wonderful to hear how they’re helping you keep your little cooks happy and safe at home. Every box you buy now provides breakfast and dinner for a child who might otherwise go hungry whilst schools are shut, through the charity Feeding Britain.

The Easter holidays are going to be a little bit longer than expected so there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy our April baking boxes – hot cross buns, jam and “make your own chocolate” recipe as well as runner bean seeds! Order now for April delivery!

April 08, 2020

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