Autumn half term is looming and the days are getting shorter. Activities for kids are always tricky as winter approaches, rainy days make even the most inspired parents grimace!

Family options for Covid-safe activities outside of the home are getting harder to find as the weather worsens. Here at Little Cooks Co we try to look for the positives and create happy moments for our little cooks, whatever is happening outside. Halloween activities, trick or treating and even bonfire night may look slightly different this year. But for our children we can create new traditions some of which may even bring new levels of fun!

Halloween recipes for half term

Half term baking activities are a fantastic way to spend a rainy day. We have created some terrifyingly scrummy new recipes with a fun Halloween baking twist that will bring a smile to any rainy day. If you can’t get out and about, make some Chocolate Fudge Devil cakes for the family to enjoy...

Or maybe deliver a box of Puking Pumpkin Apple Pies to a neighbour or friend to show you are thinking of them....

For a fun family pudding try our delicious Chocolate Gravestone Pudding - it truly is death by chocolate!

We have lots more festive recipes available on the website – just follow this link and select ‘festive recipes’ in the categories. Our October Little Cooks Co subscription cooking kit is a delicious Chocolate Cookie which is guaranteed to bring a smile – just look at this cute picture sent in by one of our big cooks! If you would like to order this kit, just follow this link.

Finally, if you want a last-minute easy baking activity head down to your local Boots high street store and snap up one of our Limited Edition Rocky Road Brownie or Orange Biscuit cooking kits – they are really yummy and guaranteed to keep the family entertained this half term.

Autumn and Halloween decorations

Here at Little Cooks Co our children love getting dressed up and decorating the house in fun and spooky ways! With trick or treating not able to happen this year, we wanted to share some fun crafting ideas for things you can do at home together

Milk Carton Ghosts

Simply take a plastic milk carton (2 litre works well) and draw a spooky face with a sharpie pen (or equivalent). Cut a hole in the back of the carton and put battery powdered LED lights or a tealight candle inside, a battery powered one ideally as it can melt the carton if it’s too near the edge! Weigh it down with some stones and place round the front of your house.

Milk Bottle Lanterns

Tin Can Monsters

Let your little cook get all creative with these Tin Can Monsters. If you’re having a mini Halloween party, set them up as a spooky coconut shy and let your children roll mini pumpkins or squashes to knock them down!

Tin Can Monsters

What you need:

  • Tin cans
  • Paint
  • Googly eyes (or coloured paper)
  • Scissors
  • Optional other decorations (glitter, pipe cleaners, stickers etc)
How to make:
  • Paint the tin can with whatever colour your little cook wants
  • Stick on the eyes or draw on mouth, nose and eyes with a sharpie pen.
  • We like to use pipe cleaners for arms – you’ll need to make a hole in the side of the can with a metal skewer.
They also make great table decorations or lined up along a path to scare the postman

Autumn Conker Wreath

On your next Autumn walk collect sticks, leaves and conkers! You can turn them into a beautiful Autumn wreath to display on your front door. Baker Ross offer wreath backings for a reasonable price:

Wax Paper Lanterns

We included this craft in one of our recent kits. They are so fun and easy to make – you just need some wax paper, autumnal leaves and an iron!

Fold a piece of wax paper in half, place some leaves in the middle and then pop a tea towel over the top of it and iron flat (making sure the wax side of the paper is on the inside!). Make 4 sides, cellotape them together into a lantern and then light up with a tea light or battery powered candle to avoid the risk of setting fire to the lantern! You can also decorate the inside of the wax paper with crayon shavings – it makes a beautiful kaleidoscope of colours!

Leaf Displays

Preserve the beautiful colours of Autumn in a leaf display! Find the most vibrant and in tact leaves you can, melt some beeswax (lots of options available online but this is the one we use - 100-200 grams should be plenty) in a bowl above a saucepan of boiling water, dip the leaves in the melted wax and allow to dry on a piece of parchment.

Autumn leaves

Once dry, assemble your display by tying the ends of the leaves onto pieces of string and attaching the other ends of the string to a long piece of wood or to a piece of twine and hang the display across the top of a window or to decorate your house.

October 15, 2020

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