We love baking with our little cooks. Seeing happy little faces watch as cakes come out of the oven and then the excited little jigs they do whilst waiting for them to cool is a lovely sight. Whether you’re baking cakes, biscuits, muffins or brownies we bet your children love to get stuck in with the helping and the eating too. Many recipes that are fun to bake with your children can mean they end up consuming loads of sugar though. If you are looking for some easy things to bake for kids that are healthy and nutritious, then look no further. At Little Cooks Co, all our recipes have been designed to help you pack as much nutrition as possible into your children’s diets. We love this quote from a family who have tried out our version of Rocky Road:

“Really quite impressed by how delicious the sweet items are without sugar etc. It’s a borderline mini miracle! The Rocky Road was one example which when we (the parents) thought ‘there’s just no way this will taste like Rocky Road’. Lo and behold…it was so good! I’d happily have it over normal Rocky Road!”

We aren’t purists, we enjoy sweet treats sometimes and we would never want to put additional stress onto parents by suggesting sweeties and cakes at parties should be banned, or if we’re eating out. But we have chosen never to put refined sugar into our baking kits and we avoid it in all our recipes. Sugar is a simple carbohydrate, which breaks down quickly into glucose and causes blood sugar spikes, effecting our mood and energy levels. We want to avoid that, so we use ingredients like oats and seeds that help to release energy slowly throughout the day. And rather than sugar, we naturally sweeten our recipes with ingredients like fruit, honey and dates. The results – yummy homemade treats that your children will love eating and that you know are full of goodness.


Healthy baking for kids

Getting your children involved in baking with you can really help them to understand that healthy ingredients produce delicious treats. When you tell a child that you can add carrot or courgette to a cake they may let out a little giggle, but when they taste the results they will be smiling from ear to ear. It’s been proven that teaching children healthy eating habits at a young age is something that will stay with them for life, so try and have fun in the kitchen and involve them with choosing recipes and ingredients.  Here we have picked out six of our favourite nutritious and delicious healthy baking recipes for children.


Gingerbread muffins

When it comes to healthy cakes for kids, this is a winning recipe. Not only are these wonderfully fluffy little muffins free from refined sugar, but also they’re dairy, gluten and nut free. Ginger is really good for you and these spiced muffins are a great way to start introducing new flavours to your child.


Brain boosting blondies

Using gram flour to pack a protein punch, these tasty blondies will fill your little cooks’ tummies and help them concentrate at school time and playtime! We use raw cacao nibs – they contain fibre, minerals and antioxidants just like dark chocolate, but without the refined sugar.


Best of biscuits

If you’re looking for some kid-friendly baking recipes that the whole family can share, then ‘ta dah’, here we have it! Children will love these deliciously crunchy biscuits and they’re perfect with a cuppa for big cooks! With mineral-rich nuts and seeds, your little ones will be full of energy and smiles.

Brilliant banana bread

We love that the whole nation went made for banana bread last year. But if you are after a healthy option for toddlers and children, then give this recipe a go. We use gram flour, made from chickpeas, to make our loaf rich in fibre. With lots of mashing, stirring and mixing this is a fun recipe to bake together.


Bakewell tarts

This is our twist on an absolute classic. The nutritious doughy base contains nuts, seeds and dates, while the homemade berry jam and a delicious frangipane bring the yummy sweetness. With three delicious layers to prepare it’s a bit of a longer bake, so perfect for some quality time in the kitchen with your tiny chefs!

Cheese and chive muffins

We often find that go-to snacks tend to be sweet, so these savoury muffins are a lovely alternative if you’re looking for some new things to bake with kids. The addition of the chives is a tasty way to introduce little cooks to herbs!

You’ll find more easy things to bake for kids here. We know that some of the ingredients we choose to use aren’t always stocked in local stores and although they are becoming more readily available, we’ve added them to our Little Shop so you can order straight from our website.

If you love baking with your children and are looking for more ways to get them involved in the kitchen then you’ll love the Little Cooks Co cookbook, titled ‘You can cook tasty food’. It’s been written for children to teach them all about healthy food and includes recipes, fun facts and activities. At just £7.99 it’s available to buy now.

October 17, 2021

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