The nights are drawing in and the countdown to Halloween has begun. If you’re planning to celebrate Halloween there are some great ways to get your children involved in the cooking and decorating. Start saving bits from your recycling now in preparation for some spooky half term fun!

Spidery egg cups

These are a children’s craft classic! We like to let our little cooks hide them round the house to give people a fright!

Egg Carton Spider

What you need:

  • Cardboard egg carton
  • Paint (black or any other colour for a special spider!)
  • Paint brush
  • 4 pipe cleaners – for the legs
  • A sharp pencil
  • Eyes (you can cut out coloured paper or buy googly eyes)
  • Glue
How to make:
  • Cut one cup from a cardboard egg carton
  • Use a sharp pencil to make 2 holes in the cup (one on each side, for the legs). Help your little cook with this bit if they need
  • Paint the cup black and let it dry
  • Thread the four pipe cleaners through the holes to make eight legs
  • Bend the pipe cleaners to make them look like legs.  You can trim them a bit if you like
  • Glue on the eyes

You can make a hole in the top and hang them around your windows or, like us, hide them in granny cook’s sock drawer and wait for her to squeal!

Milk Carton Ghosts

Milk Bottle Lanterns

Children’s craft doesn’t get easier than Milk Carton Ghosts! Simply take a plastic milk carton (2 litre works well) and draw a spooky face with a sharpie pen (or equivalent). Cut a hole in the back of the carton and put a tealight candle inside (making sure it’s not near the edge and so at risk of melting the carton!). Weigh it down with some stones and place around the front of your house to welcome guests or Trick or Treaters!

Tin Can Monsters

Let your little cook go all creative with these Tin Can Monsters. If you’re having a Halloween party, set them up as a spooky coconut shy and let the children roll mini pumpkins or squashes to knock them down!

Tin Can Monsters

What you need:

  • Tin cans
  • Paint
  • Googly eyes (or coloured paper)
  • Scissors
  • Optional other decorations (glitter, pipe cleaners, stickers etc)
How to make:
  • Paint the tin can with whatever colour your little cook wants
  • Stick on the eyes or draw on mouth, nose and eyes with a sharpie pen.
  • We like to use pipe cleaners for arms – you’ll need to make a hole in the side of the can with a metal skewer.

They make great table decorations or lined up along a path for daytime Halloween parties!

Spooky party food!

We have some excellent festive recipes on our website which will make sure your Halloween Party is terrifyingly healthy! And for the ultimate Halloween win why not try out this month’s recipe box which is a bloody red velvet cake box topped with spiders! You can still take advantage of our £5 off our order offer by heading here and using code ‘newwebsite’.
October 09, 2019

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