There is a feeling of optimism in the air as Easter approaches this year. Although it only seems like 5 minutes ago that the children went back to school, the easing of lockdown restrictions and improving weather are making us feel genuinely excited about having our little cooks at home and finding some new, fun things to do together!

If like us, you’re going to be spending much of Easter in and around your own home, then preparing a meal as a family is a lovely way to have some quality time together. The kitchen is a great place to catch up on day-to-day life, make a mess and have fun – just what memories are made of! And with all the news reports about how so many children have taken to cooking since lockdown, now is the time to help them show off their new skills! There are five nutritious and delicious recipes to try out at the end of this blog.

Benefits of cooking

Cooking is a fantastic way to help your children develop a variety of skills.  Whilst the pressure of homeschooling may have come to an end, by cooking together you’ll still be playing a vital role in teaching your children life skills:

  • By reading recipes, and helping to count, measure and weigh ingredients, your little ones will be practicing their reading and maths without even realising it!
  • Their communication will improve by listening to instructions and hearing new vocabulary
  • Their fine motor skills and hand to eye coordination will develop as they chop, squeeze, sieve and spoon ingredients!
  • Plus, your little cooks will also be encouraged to cooperate, share and work together as you create some delicious dishes!

Concentrating child

Cooking a meal from scratch is also a huge accomplishment! If you get your children involved in food preparation, not only will they be excited to eat the things they have made (hello adventurous eaters), it will give them a big boost in confidence. If you’re lucky enough to be having a long-awaited outdoor reunion this Easter, plan ahead and pack a picnic to share. Your family and friends will be thrilled to eat something homemade, and your children will love being able to show off their new cooking skills!

Our biggest tip when cooking as a family is to relax, make it fun and embrace the mess! If your children are really young then expect a few spills and factor in quite a bit more time that you ordinarily would! Children learn through touching and tasting so encourage them to try the ingredients as you’re adding them (teaching them about which ones are safe to eat raw). And don’t worry if you don’t have quite the right equipment or even ingredients – use substitutes and then try out recipes a second time round when you’ve restocked. Your children will love getting stuck in and you’ll all remember the fun you had as well as the yummy creations you made!  

We know that Easter is a treat-filled time, so we have come up with some special recipes that you and your little cooks can enjoy conjuring up together and will give you a helping hand in having a few healthier choices available.  

Spring Green Cupcakes  

These little cakes will make a lovely gift or picnic item if you’re meeting up with loved ones. Wow grandparents or impress aunties and uncles with the vibrant green sponge topped with tasty frosting. The vitamin-rich cavolo nero packs a healthy punch while the mascarpone brings a delicious creaminess.

Cavalo Nero cupcakes

Easter Chick Nests 

Our Easter chick nests are such fun to make and children will love adding their cute little blueberry eyes and almond beaks. The lemon and cashew filling gives them a delicious creamy sweetness and they are packed with protein and healthy fats. The perfect Easter treat – fun, tasty and nutritious!   We’ve got loads of free recipes available for you to try out, all prepared with healthiness and happiness in mind! For two more delicious spring recipes that are perfect for this time of year, how about giving our tasty hummus and mouth-watering quiche a go?

Easter Chick Nests

Homemade chocolate

How about making your very own chocolate?! Just three ingredients plus whatever toppings your little cook wants to experiment, hazelnut, raisins

Pea and mint hummus 

The colour and freshness of this yummy hummus just sings ‘spring’ to us! It only takes five minutes to prepare, making it a perfect snack or an easy portable picnic option.

Sweet potato crust quiche

This tasty quiche uses sweet potatoes instead of pastry for the base. They are packed with beta-carotene, which our bodies convert into vitamin A. This is delicious served warm for lunch or dinner, but just as good cold – simply cut it into slices and pop it in your picnic basket!

Sweet Potato Crust Quiche

There are tonnes of great benefits to cooking with your children. In fact, the younger they are, the better. Involving children in food preparation from a young age can really help to cultivate happy, healthy relationships with food. Okay, so they might not be quite as good at helping to clear up… but if you’ve had fun making a mess and trying new foods together then let’s celebrate that! We adore hearing from you and your little cooks and seeing all your wonderful kitchen creations so if you’re on social media this Easter, don’t forget to tag us @littlecooksco.

March 31, 2021

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