With restrictions starting to ease, more daylight hours and a gradual improvement to the weather, we’re feeling hopeful for a lovely Easter. But, if like us, you’re also feeling slightly daunted that the Easter holidays are nearly upon us when schools have only just reopened, then fear not. We have come up with some ideas to help keep you and your little ones busy (again)! Most of these fun but simple activities will work whatever the weather and they could even be enjoyed with family and friends during outdoor meet ups to help keep the children entertained.

Decorate your front garden or window

Last year it was the simple things that brought joy to local communities. Teddies placed in windows, rainbow art in front gardens and spectacular Christmas lights were fun to spot during daily walks and bike rides. Continue this idea by creating a fun Easter scene.

You could decorate a tree in your front garden with ornamental Easter eggs. Or how about painting a giant Easter bunny and popping it in your front window for passers-by to see? Or, remember the VE street party celebrations? Add some colour back to your street by hanging up the bunting again or crafting some of your own especially for Easter.

Easter Nature Hunt & Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun way to get outside and get your little ones exploring their garden or local area. Take a large piece of paper or card and draw 8-10 eggs. Inside each egg, write the name or description of something your little explorers need to find. For example:

  • Something blue
  • A yellow leaf
  • Something round
  • Something soft
  • A feather
  • A grey pebble

The children then need to hunt for each item and stick them inside the right egg! If you are meeting up with family or friends this will be a great way to help keep the children entertained during a walk. We’ve also created a special Gratitude Scavenger Hunt. The past twelve months have been a challenging and confusing time for everyone, but this simple activity will encourage everyone to focus on the good things. You can download our gratitude scavenger hunt card here. This is a lovely way to teach your children to notice and think about the people and things they are thankful for.

Nature bunnies These cute pictures are a lovely way for your little artists to express themselves through nature. Collect an array of flowers, twigs, grasses and leaves from your garden, a park or woodland. On a large piece of paper draw your bunny’s eyes and nose. Complete the rest of your bunny by using your collection of items – you can either stick them down for a permanent masterpiece or just keep rearranging them for fun! You could also use the same items to decorate cardboard shaped eggs. Try adding pebbles, shells and feathers as well.

Hop little bunnies, hop hop hop…

To burn off some of their energy, how about creating an obstacle course for your little Easter bunnies? They could bunny-hop from cushion to cushion laid out on the floor, crawl through their warren (cover a table with a large sheet), walk along a straight line marked out with masking tape whilst balancing an egg (or ball) on a spoon… you get the idea! You could appoint someone ‘Chief Bunny’ to referee and time each contestant, or just take it in turns. And if you’re feeling really creative you could even cut out some giant bunny footprints to mark out the course!

Egg-box mini scenes

Little hands will love creating their very own small world play scene. First think of a theme, for example a farmyard, a hen house, a field of rabbits. Start by cutting the lid off an egg box, and painting it for your chosen theme. Next add some props, for example some feathers and popcorn kernels. Now add your chosen characters – you might have some little fluffy Easter chick cake-toppers, or some animal Lego. Hey presto a miniature world that will entertain your little ones!

Alternatively, you can use egg boxes to make bunnies and chicks, and did you know that egg boxes also make fantastic seed pots? All you need to do is add some potting soil and pop your seeds in. The great thing is that when your seedlings are ready to plant out, you don’t even need to remove them from the pots, as the cardboard will break down in the soil. Next month’s Little Cooks Co box contains some french bean seeds so how about giving this method a go?

Whatever you get up to this Easter, we hope you are able to enjoy some special family time. And if you do take part in any of these activities we’d love to see you and your little ones in action, don’t forget to tag us - @littlecooksco Finally, keep an eye out for the postman too! April’s boxes will be sent out soon and they contain all the ingredients for a yummy Fruit Custard Tart, plus a recipe card for making your very own sweet potato gnocchi! That’s two more ways to keep your little cooks busy this holiday!

March 20, 2021

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