Here at Little Cooks Co, our mission is to share ideas and knowledge that will make it easier for you to plan and prepare healthy meals and snacks for your children. With day-to-day life feeling busier than ever, it can be hard to think of new meal ideas that will entice your little ones to eat foods that tick a variety of nutritional boxes, eat their greens and get their five a day. But help is here! We have developed lots of tasty recipes for you to try for free, and not only are they healthy, most only contain a few ingredients and they are quick to prepare!

Our food philosophy is based around eating real foods – fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, natural sugars and unprocessed ingredients. By eating these things, your children will be properly fuelled to help them concentrate on whatever mischief they might be getting up to! And when children develop healthy habits from a young age they are more likely to continue making healthy food choices as they grow up. You don’t need to cook separate healthy kids meals though – we’ve designed our recipes to provide you with some fantastic, wholesome dishes that you can enjoy eating together as a family.

Healthy dinner ideas for kids

We often hear from parents who get stuck serving the same dinners and need some ideas and inspiration. Whilst we all have our firm favourites, varying your children’s food as much as possible will provide them with a wide range of nutrients, essential for keeping our minds and bodies healthy. It will also help them to discover new flavours and textures and encourage them to become adventurous eaters. Children are constantly developing new skills, so trying new foods is just an extension of that. You could even try and choose things that are new to you as well, so they can see you experiencing new tastes and flavours. We have lots of healthy dinner ideas for kids available on the Little Cooks Co recipe pages but here are some of our most popular ones.


Cheesy chicken meatballs

For a comforting family-friendly dish you can’t beat meatballs. In this recipe we’ve used chicken and cheese combined with just a handful of other ingredients for a really simple but tasty supper. Cheesy Chicken Meatballs >

Veggie pies

These little pies are a great way to include lots of yummy veggies in your children’s meal. Serve with salad or steamed vegetables for dinner and keep any leftovers to have cold in a packed lunch. Veggie pies >

Homemade ‘Snickers’

If like us, your little cooks often plead for a sweet treat after dinner, they will love these little bars. They’re free from refined sugar and are packed full of nutritious ingredients. Homemade 'Snickers' >  

Quick and easy healthy meals for kids 

We all have days where time just seems to disappear. If you’re juggling work commitments, after-school activities, playdates and endless other tasks then it may help to have a few super-quick meal options up your sleeve. You could ask your children to get involved too and prepare a meal together. It’s a lovely way to spend some quality time with them if the day has been rushed, and cooking can really help to develop their understanding of healthy eating.  Here are some fantastic ideas that will mean those fast meals don’t have to be a nutritional compromise.  

Child-friendly fish cakes

These yummy fishcakes make the perfect mid-week family meal. They are packed full of brain-boosting omega 3 and are made using just five ingredients! Child-friendly fish cakes >

Vegetable packed sauce

We love this recipe. Not only is it quick and easy to make, but it’s really versatile – serve it with pasta, or as a sauce with grilled meat or fish. It’s a great way of using up leftover veggies and you can easily switch our suggestions for whatever you have. Vegetable packed sauce >

Frozen banana bites

These little bites are absolutely delicious. Although they need time to freeze, they take just 10 minutes to prepare and are a yummy little dessert for children and adults alike! Frozen banana bites >

Chocolate courgette muffins

If you sometimes struggle to think of new snack ideas, these delicious muffins are a great healthy choice. They will fill little tummies and are perfect to take with you if you’re out and about. They take just 10 minutes to prepare (plus baking time) and can be stored in the fridge for five days.

Chocolate courgette muffins >

For more healthy food recipes for kids, visit the recipes section of our website. Here you can search for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options as well as filter by allergens. Our website has loads more options and in our monthly subscription kits we always include extra recipe cards. We are also very excited to announce that our first cookbook is now available! “You Can Cook Healthy Food” has been written especially for children and teaches them how to make healthy food choices. With loads of healthy recipes for kids to try, plus fun activities it will help keep you and your little cooks busy, entertained and well fed!

June 04, 2021

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